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Architecture 21
19 - 23
July, 2020
One year countdown to RIO2020 UIA: Rio hosts the world
This Friday, it begins the one year countdown to RIO2020 UIA, the event that will turn Rio de Janeiro into the worldwide center of the debate about cities.
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Guided tour: a walk through the architectural variety of Rio’s City Center
To strengthen the ties between the population and the urban space of Rio de Janeiro, the project ArqGuia Rio, a free initiative open to the public with the support of TV Globo, is giving the opportunity for the city’s inhabitants to go to a guided and immersive tour on iconic sites.
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RIO2020 UIA: Check out how many architects have already enjoyed the discount on the first month of registration
The number of registrations for RIO2020 UIA has been increasing due to the discount for early registration.
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