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Architecture 21
19 - 23
July, 2020
Guided tour with architects in downtown Rio
One of the main objectives of UIA 2020 RIO is to stimulate the dialogue between the population and the architectural culture, important for the valorization of the city. For this, a good start is to know the rich heritage of Rio de Janeiro through the Arq.Guia Rio - Knowing the City project. The initiative is free and intended for the public interested in knowing valuable parts of the city.
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Why come to Rio?
For you to understand a little better because Rio has a lot more good things than you can imagine. Come to Rio in 2020!
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Last stage of Gustavo Capanema Palace restoration starts in Rio
One of the headquarters of the World Congress of Architects UIA2020Rio and important monument of Brazilian modernism, the Gustavo Capanema Palace goes through another phase of interventions - the last one.
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