Calling on architects to submit a proposal for participation in the 27th edition of the World Congress of Architects - UIA2021RIO – to be held from 18 to 22 July, 2021. Researchers and designers in the field of architecture, urbanism, landscape design and urban planning are invited to submit proposals for the development of initiatives and design works that make a meaningful contribution for the central theme of the Congress.

With the title ALL THE WORLDS. JUST ONE WORLD. ARCHITECTURE 21, the 27th World Congress of Architects, addresses the contemporary urban condition and its intense asymmetric flows as a main thematic axis. The Congress will be organized around four tracks that define the core structure from which all the conferences, round tables, exhibits, workshops and other events will be grouped by affinity. Tracks are interconnected, rather than isolated. They allow the organization of specific approaches within the broad range of hot issues in the field of contemporary architecture and urbanism. Proposals involving a similar set of questions will be aggregated, bringing together people with common interests within a diversity of places, scales, programs and approaches.


Track1. Diversity and Mixture

This theme emphasizes the practice of architecture and urbanism attentive to diversity and mixtures of cultures and the interrelationships with other professional fields, such as anthropology and politics, as well as political, social, cultural, and economic issues.

Track2. Changes and Emergencies

This theme debates the intense changes in the contemporary world and its reflections in the fields of architecture and urbanism, with emphasis on their social, environmental and technological dimensions.

Track3. Vulnerabilities and Inequalities

This theme has focus on the social dimensions of architecture and urbanism, taking as its theme the worldwide challenges in confronting urban vulnerabilities and inequalities, the large contingents of people living in precarious conditions in slums, tenement houses, temporary shelters, and housing units produced by self-construction or self-management.

Track4. Transience and Flows

This theme guiding thread rests on displacements in general, trying to expand understanding of transience and flows on the planetary and local scale as well as their demographic, temporal and human dimensions.

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Due to the Corona (Covid-19) pandemic, new dates will be defined and announced shortly.

Submissions for Papers

  • Submissions shall be in English, Portuguese or Spanish.
  • Papers shall have no more than four (4) authors.
  • Papers shall not exceed 2,500 words and include no more than five (5) images placed within the paper.

Submissions for Design Works

  • 3 DIN A3 Files, Landscape – PDF
  • Abstract (no more than 250-words). Conceptual description of the project.
  • Submissions shall have no more than eight (8) authors, and may not be authored by a organization or company.
  • Submissions shall be in English, Portuguese or Spanish.



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