Check out details of the UIA2020RIO program
Why visit Rio?
Meeting at Casa Firjan presents UIA2020RIO to Brazil and the world
UIA2020RIO launch: welcome message
Eight steps to register for UIA2020RIO
Member of the Honour Committee, Carla Juaçaba considers UIA 2020 RIO an opportunity to “cross borderlines”
Five years ago, Rio, in a dispute against Melbourne and Paris, has won the right to host the biggest architecture event in the world
The third guided tour in the Centre of Rio focuses on the contrasts of Praça Mauá
Confirmed in UIA 2020 RIO, Elizabeth de Portzamparc believes in the architecture that “shelters life and diversity”
UIA 2020 RIO honours the work of Demetre Basile Anastassakis, an architect who stood up for the right to housing
Solano Benítez confirmed in UIA 2020 RIO: event will be the “polyphony of the voices of architecture”
Architect, show your work to the world
International breakthrough architect confirmed in UIA 2020 RIO
Guided Tour 2: Architects lead the walk through the transformations on Rio’s City Center
One year countdown to UIA 2020 RIO: Rio hosts the world
Guided tour: a walk through the architectural variety of Rio’s City Center
UIA 2020 RIO: Check out how many architects have already enjoyed the discount on the first month of registration
ALL THE WORLDS: Representatives from several countries meet with UIA 2020 RIO’s committee
While UIA 2020 RIO is coming, Paraty is recognized as a World Heritage by UNESCO
Guided tour with architects in downtown Rio
Why come to Rio?
Last stage of Gustavo Capanema Palace restoration starts in Rio
Rio de Janeiro is the first World Capital of Architecture designated by UNESCO
Cultural institutions discuss complementary events to the World Congress of Architects
Gustavo Capanema Palace, a Brazilian modernism icon
UIA2020Rio Site Interview: Roberto Simon
“The Congress should reflect the spirit of Rio”, says Thomas Vonier



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