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On the first second of 2020, Rio de Janeiro will become the global stage of the debate about the cities of the present and the future of the cities. In the year that it hosts the 27th World Congress of Architects, UIA2020RIO, the wonderful city receives the title of first World Capital of Architecture by UNESCO and by the International Union of Architects (UIA), an achievement that will be celebrated on the traditional New Year’s Eve bash at Copacabana Beach.

UIA2020RIO represents the biggest Architecture and Urbanism meeting on the planet and it will happen from the 19th to the 23rd of July of 2020, with an expected audience of more than 20 thousand people who are interested in debating solutions for fairer, more dynamic and sustainable urban spaces.

The Opening Ceremony of the Congress, which is organized by the Institute of Architects of Brazil (IAB), will happen at the Maracanãzinho Gymnasium. The main events and debates will take place at Rio’s Port Zone, as well as at the Gustavo Capanema Palace and the Museum of Modern Art, both at the City Centre.

There will be more than 150 speakers and names like Diébédo Francis Kéré (Burkina Faso), Elizabeth de Portzamparc (Brazil), Solano Benítez (Paraguay), Carla Juaçaba (Brazil), Elisabete França (Brazil) and Anne Lacton (France) are confirmed. The Brazilian architects Paulo Mendes da Rocha and Jaime Lerner, the editor Marisa Moreira Salles, the ambassador and Architecture writer André Correa do Lago, and the singer Gilberto Gil take part in the Honour Committee.

With the theme “Just one world. All the worlds. Architecture 21”, the Congress has four axis of debate (Diversity and Mixture; Changes and Emergencies; Vulnerabilities and Inequalities; Transience and Flows) and they will base 12 panels, 2 arch-talks and 650 presentations of papers and projects. The program also includes 25 sessions with transversal themes, UIA’s seminars, seminars of the Council of Architecture and Urbanism of Brazil (CAU), intra-congresses of urban health and other topics, students’ workshops and seminars, and city tours.

The event is supported by important organizations from the civil society as the Council of Architecture and Urbanism of Brazil (CAU-BR), the Council of Architecture and Urbanism of Rio de Janeiro (CAU-RJ), the National Federation of Architects and Urbanists (FNA), the Globo Group and the Federation of Industries of Rio de Janeiro (FIRJAN).

If you have not registered for UIA2020RIO yet, go to the official website and guarantee your presence with a special discount. The submissions for Architecture, Urbanism and Landscaping papers and design works are also open.

Check out below more details of the UIA2020RIO program, including a meeting between leaders, a business fair, competitions for students and young professionals, and an extensive cultural agenda.



The parade at the Avenue Marques de Sapucaí and the street parades will take the discussion about the cities to the Carnival, the biggest popular festival of Rio. The samba group Unidos da Tijuca, for example, will promote a parade with the theme “Architecture and Urbanism: Where the dreams live”, and the group Unidos de Vila Isabel will talk about the city of Brasília.

World Forum of Cities

On July 17 and 18, Rio will host the World Forum of Cities. Mayors of the 26 previous host cities of UIA’s congresses, the mayor of Rio, the mayor of the next host city (Copenhagen, Denmark) and the mayors of the main Brazilian cities and of the most important metropolis of the world are invited to it, besides the president and ex-presidents of UIA, representatives of UNESCO, architects with a renowned experience, besides young leaders, entrepreneurs and academics.

This group will present and discuss projects developed in their home cities and establish a set of actions. The mayors must agree on policies for the future of the cities, considering the United Nations’ and the UN-Habitat’s goals.

UIA2020RIO Expo

During the Congress, there will be the UIA2020RIO expo, a fair where companies will present to the public what there is more advanced in materials and equipment for architecture, urban mobility and innovation. There will be 10 thousand square meters of fair at Pier Mauá, gathering 200 exhibitors, 40 hours of talks, 10 tables for negotiations and around 20 startups. Visit the website for more information.

Academic UIA2020RIO

UIA2020RIO will be next year, but two important activities related to the event start in 2019. The first one is an International Ideas Competition for Architecture students, aiming for reflection about urban matters in low income housing. The call for proposals is scheduled for September.

There is also the Exhibition and National Award “All the worlds. Just one world. Architecture 21”, exclusive for Brazilian Architecture students and professors. The information to register is now available.

The academic part of UIA2020RI0 has the collaboration of CAU-RJ and of the Brazilian Association of Architecture and Urbanism Schools (ABEA).

Partnerships with institutions and complementary cultural events

Architecture is not only about projecting buildings and parks. It speaks to the culture of a city and its people, and to historic and social context. In partnership with the main Museums and Cultural Centres and of the city, and with the support of the Ministry of Cultural and the Municipal Department of Culture, the program will establish an extensive agenda of exhibitions.

The list of partner institutions include the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts, Casa do Saber, Casa Firjan, Roberto Marinho House Foundation, the Museum of Modern Art, the National Historic Museum, the Botanic Garden of Rio de Janeiro Institute, Sítio Burle Marx, the Rio Art Museum, the Capanema Palace, the Itamaraty Museum, Fundição Progresso, Casa França-Brasil, Paço Imperial and the National Library

A special highlight to the partnership with the National Institute for Historic and Artistic Heritage (Iphan) and with the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro.

Events that will give concepts and proposals

Seminars, workshops and expositions will happen on the months before UIA2020RIO, gathering concepts and proposals to be presented at the Congress. On March, there will be debates under the axis of Diversity and Mixture. On April, Changes and Emergencies. On May, Vulnerabilities and Inequalities. On June, Transience and Flows.

Each month, participants will work on concepts and proposals that should come from the preparatory events, that are happening throughout 2019, as well as on the results of specific studies about the main challenges of the contemporary city, such as: Urban Mobility; Sustainable Development; Water Use and Sanitation; Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency; Technical Assistance and the Work of the Architect; Heritage and Culture; Materials and Constructions Processes; Popular Settlements; and Smart Cities.

Preparatory Events

More than 80 events are approved by the Executive Committee of UIA2020RIO. They are happening on many Brazil states and some outside of the country, in 2019. Their goals is to promote debates over relevant Architecture matters, and their guides are the themes of the Congress. The conclusions of these events will be sent to the consolidation of their proposals from March to June of 2020. To learn more about these events, check the website, Facebook and Instagram.



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