The UIA2020RIO Committee is a special purpose association founded on May 1, 2015 exclusively for the organization of the 27th UIA 2020 RIO World Congress of Architects. It was constituted by the Institute of Architects of Brazil, Department of Rio de Janeiro, IAB RJ, by delegation of the Institute of Architects of Brazil, IAB, and following recommendation of the International Union of Architects, UIA. Its headquarters is in Rio de Janeiro, at the headquarters of IAB RJ, at Rua do Pinheiro, 10, Flamengo.

The Committee is a non-economic, purpose-specific association organized in accordance with articles 53 et seq. of the Brazilian Civil Code. The purpose of the Association is to promote and organize the XXVII World Congress of Architects UIA2020RIO, to be held in the city of Rio de Janeiro in July 2020, in accordance with the agreement signed between the IAB and UIA.

The Committee is composed as founding members: the Institute of Architects of Brazil, the Institute of Architects of Brazil, Department of Rio de Janeiro, the then members of the Executive Boards of the two entities, a Life Councilor of the IAB, a Life Councilor of the IAB RJ, and the representative in the IAB of the UIA, thus being constituted, respectively:

  • The President of the IAB,
  • The President of IAB / RJ,
    and architects
  • Sérgio Ferraz Magalhães (Chief Executive Officer),
  • Pedro da Luz Moreira (Vice-President),
  • Maria da Conceição Alves de Guimaraens (Cultural and Marketing Director),
  • Norma Maron Taulois (Chief Financial Officer),
  • Fabiana Generoso Izaga (Secretary General),
  • Haroldo Pinheiro Villar de Queiroz, Luiz Fernando Donadio Janot e Roberto Simon (members of the Fiscal Council).

By unanimous decision, in their first meeting, the members of the Committee decided that their work will be strictly voluntary, without salary remuneration or by participation in meetings (jeton). The eventual financial results obtained by the Committee, at its extinction and fulfilled its specific purpose, will be fully transferred to the Institute of Architects of Brazil.



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